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Meet Dr. Deepak Reddy


“My approach is very patient-specific – every patient is different, with a different set of circumstances and pain points.” — Dr. Deepak Reddy

Dr. Reddy is a board-certified, fellowship-trained orthopedic spine surgeon who not only offers each of his patients tremendous expertise and advanced techniques but also the human aspect as well.

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“Choosing the right treatment option for a patient is so very important, and you can only do that by getting to know them.” — Dr. Deepak Reddy

One of the very first things Dr. Reddy does is sit down with patients and talk to them about what problems they’re having. Dr. Reddy believes the more engaged patients are, the less fearful they will be. As part of his treatment philosophy, he makes sure they understand all their options, are involved in the decision-making and are invested in the process.

What Patients Say About Dr. Reddy

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Over the last few years, there have been numerous advancements in technology that make spine surgery much less invasive than ever. Dr. Reddy is highly trained in many of the most advanced technologies and procedures.

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Patients undergoing spine surgery with Dr. Reddy will be happy to know that nearly all procedures he performs are minimally invasive – meaning smaller incisions, less muscle and tissue disruption, faster recovery, and better outcomes. In addition, some procedures he is even able to perform robotically.

dr. deepak reddy specializes in minimally invasive procedures like this one


Technology today is light years ahead of where it once was. Procedures that once took many hours to perform with days spent in the hospital and months spent in recovery, can now be done in one to three hours with a simple overnight stay in the hospital, or even home the same day.